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100,000 Welcomes

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"Oh wait, your hand is on your hip? Here, let me do that too." May your Easter be as bright and joyful as our outfits 💜☀️#HappyEaster #Springtime #Joy  (at Grandma Judy’s)
#whyaoiiwednesday because when we were outside taking touristy pictures, ladies from the AOΠ chapter at Auburn shouted “Alpha Love” from their window & then showed us their chapter room. A bond like this sisterhood isn’t only chapter-wide, it is international. Kayleigh and Kaylee are some of the most amazing women I’ve met and I wouldn’t have rather spent this weekend with anyone else ❤️ #aoii #fsu #auburn #sisterhood #auburnaoii  (at Auburn University)
Happppy Birthdayyy to one of my favorite brothers, Chase ❤️ now you can vote, buy lottery tickets, & drive without a curfew (legally). Have an amazing day & celebrate 🇺🇸 I’ll see you in a weeeeek! Love youuuu😘 (at memories)
We’re a little dysfunctional, but the best kind of people are ❤️🇺🇸 #alphapsirodeo #AOΠ (at Alpha Psi Rodeo)
#tbt to a casual dinner with @aaroncarter & my babez over summer 😍 #aaronspartyneverstops  (at nsb)
#whyaoiiwednesday because she brings me along for the best adventures I’ve had this year 🙅💜 #ΑΟΠ #sistasista #loveyou  (at 3rd floor)
We’re classy ✨🌹 #ΑΟΠ #formal
#whyaoiiwednesday because Michelle introduced me to Liz #gammaphifriday #panlove #AOII #GPHI #flashbackfriday (at Doak Campbell Stadium)
#tbt to this past weekend when Kayleigh & I were dancer buddies to these two fabulous dancers & then spur of the moment decided to volunteer at 4:30 in the morning for Dance Marathon. Our FSU community was so fantastic and came together to raise $781, 196.22 #FTK #dmatfsu #whyaoiiwednesday #family (at Dance Marathon)
SHOUTOUT to one of my oldest friends in the game on her TWENTIETH BIRTHDAY! Thanks for being my America lovin’ southern sweetheart and best friend for the past twenty years❤️ I hope you enjoyed my voicemail last night & have an amazing day, you deserve it😘 ps see you next Fridayyyyyyy my little War Eagle🇺🇸 #hbd #auburn #fsu #aoii #axo  (at est. 1994)
Our first wallspace looks so fab & I’m so proud of our fantastically artistic sistas @ericacherv @amandaburkett @rarabiancahah  who helped as well !   (at Jefferson St.)
We do it for da kidz #FTK #dmatfsu  (at Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center (Tucker Center))
I swear he loves me 😍 #tbt #dogsofinstagram (at St. Patty’s Day)
Waltzin’ with da bro #ChasetakesTally #waltzofshame  🙅💋 (at Tennessee Strip)
La da di da di, we like to party, dancin’ with Miley 👅😻👅😻👅 #bangerztour  (at Tampa Bay Times Forum)